Prescriptii Patient Experience Improves Cannabis Efficacy and Patient Outcomes

The cannabis industry has exploded in the past decade. The once underground market is now powering state and national economies. As more jurisdictions legalize medical and recreational cannabis, generating data-centric knowledge of the plant and its effects is more important than ever.

GCAC provides an end-to-end suite of cannabis-specific software solutions to enhance our understanding of the cannabis lifecycle, improve cannabis efficacy, and create better outcomes. The Prescriptii Patient Experience (PPE) is a free-to-use web portal to help consumers make informed choices about what they are putting in their bodies.

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Cannabis Data and Consumer Safety

The earlier illegal status of cannabis left researchers unable to study the plant. The result is a glaring lack of meaningful information about cannabis, its benefits, effects, product safety, and consumer guidelines.

We have seen the tide of change in recent years—legal cannabis results in increased research. The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) reported “more than 3,800 cannabis-related papers” in 2021, making it the best year on record for cannabis research.
Everyone in the cannabis ecosystem, from cultivators to consumers, agrees developing safer, more effective products is crucial. Industry experts and regulatory bodies recognize the importance of verifiable information.

Cannabis consumers demand more information about how the product they are about to ingest was cultivated and processed. They want to ensure the authenticity of test labs while seeking product consistency.

At the center of the discussion is guidance on helpful cannabis consumption. We know that most medical and recreational consumers go through a lengthy process of trial and error to find what works for them, further complicated by the variable potency of the products they consume.
Sure, we have labeling requirements that list THC and CBD levels and Indica to Sativa ratios, but they do not account for plant variations and manufacturing processes. Most importantly, there is no data evaluating efficacy and dosage guidelines.

Cannabis consumers demand more information about how the product they are about to ingest was cultivated and processed. They want to ensure the authenticity of test labs while seeking product consistency. Solutions like Prescriptii Patient Experience designed by GCAC generate better data for better outcomes.

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Make Better Choices and Optimize Your Journey

Understand cannabis better and make educated, data-based cannabis choices with Prescriptii Patient Experience (PPE).
Learn how different strains work and read consumer reviews.

The PPE website helps patients learn which strains are rated best for a condition and find related strains based on those they currently use. At its core is an AI engine built by Curve Tech, creators of machine learning environments and prediction engines used by global e-commerce leaders like Shopify.

The data-driven analysis of thousands of cannabis strains charts their relationship to over 80 health conditions and other strains. Based on over 600,000 verified consumer reviews and rankings, the advanced algorithm, paired with machine learning, combines the latest research papers, questionnaires, and interviews.

The proprietary heredity tree maps the origin and ancestry of over 9,000 strains and their chemical compound levels. This includes THC and CBD levels and Indica and Sativa ratios consumers have become accustomed to researching in their selection process.
More importantly, PPE also features additional active compounds like cannabinol, cannabichromene, cannabigerol, and tetrahydrocannabivarin.

Simply put: Prescriptii Patient Experience is the most comprehensive cannabis chemical analysis freely available.

Pains, Strains and Data-Based Gains

The easy-to-use website features two search modes. Traditional mode will look familiar, and the NLP – neuro-linguistic programming – method makes queries easy with an intuitive auto-suggest feature.

Prescriptii lets you search cannabis knowledge in three ways:


The PAIN to STRAIN and STRAIN to PAIN search results give powerful insights for treating specific conditions or managing your aches and pains. Enter your PAIN and discover recommended strains or a STRAIN to learn which conditions it treats best.

The STRAIN-to-STRAIN search helps you discover similar related options.

The free-to-use website offers basic search results. Consumers can create a free account and receive more comprehensive results and recommendations. Account-holders can also highlight preferred strains, add comments, and rank their favorite strains.

Better Efficacy for Medical and Recreational Consumers

GCAC has upped the game again in introducing the Prescriptii Patient Experience.

CEO Brad Moore says, “With the introduction of this free consumer service, we strive to improve customer knowledge, grow brand affinity, and create confidence in this incredible plant. Additionally, Prescriptii’s powerful AI engine can evaluate new strains as the AI engine ‘learns’ what is the medical effect of existing strains can predict the behavior of similar new strains.”

With Prescriptii Patient Experience, cannabis consumers get data-centric efficacy indicators to establish dosage. The data delivers a better understanding of what happens under specific circumstances on a gram-by-gram basis, accurately determining average product-ailment treatment efficacy and dosing recommendations.

Know what you are putting in your body and understand its effects.
Prescriptii Patient Experience improves cannabis efficacy and patient outcomes.

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