Our Efixii blockchain is a leading Ethereum layer-2 solution designed to boost the speed and scalability of Ethereum smart contracts while adding privacy and KYC features. We create dApps on the Efixii blockchain to help businesses solve their most challenging supply chain problems: Sell more through brand loyalty. Resolve product quality issues faster. Earn rewards for creating premium products.


GCAC is a global leader in designing and developing innovative blockchain technologies and machine learning solutions to improve real-world businesses.

GCAC’s leading solution is Efixii, an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain and EVM programming functionality that is on par with other Layer-2’s, such as Polygon. GCAC can quickly connect each participant from product producers, distributors, manufacturers and retailers through a series of value chain dApps that allows for data connectivity to drive better consumer experiences and sales.

GCAC created clearESG to assist businesses in communicating their sustainability goals and earned attributes on the blockchain through a series of ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) merit badges. As an interconnected supply chain solution, the Efixii solution pays tokens for attesting to a product’s value, or truthness, through a reward program.

GCAC works in many agricultural industries providing a value-added blockchain offering through a cost-effective SaaS licensing model.

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Efixii is the first platform of its kind for the medical cannabis industry. Its end-to-end solution – trademarked ‘Seed2Seed’ – is designed to enable medical professionals, cultivators, and regulator s to create better patient outcomes. The platform provides tools for every stage in the process to record best growing practices, certify compliance, enhance patient confidence, and improve the treatment experience. This is accomplished by leveraging multiple interlocking technologies, including mobile applications, artificial intelligence, smart databases, and an Ethereum blockchain.

Cannabis as a plant is highly variable by nature. To better understand the product, we verify eachgram’s lifecycle from cultivation to consumption via blockchain attestation. Thousands of resulting data sets provide clear evidence of “what happens to someone at a given point in time when a specific cannabis product is used to treat a specific symptom under a set of circumstances”. This data is processed by the company’s ‘Pain to Strain’ machine learning algorithm and can generate ‘averaged’ efficacy ratings on a per product-treatment basis. GCAC’s CitizenGreen Efixii technologies provide the medical cannabis data that cultivators need to create the best products, regulators need to write meaningful regulations, doctors need to write correct prescriptions, and patients need to confidently use products.

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