EMTRI: Unlocking the Power of Blockchain for a Transparent and Secure Cannabis Industry

Powered by Efixii, the EMTRI dApp was developed for the California adult-use cannabis market. Estimates place the number of cultivators in the Emerald Triangle region of Northern California at more than 20,000.

With an estimated production capacity exceeding 750 million grams per year, these small cannabis farmers are poised to benefit from a blockchain framework like GCAC’s licensed Efixii technology—which will allow for safer and faster transactions as well as expanded services offered through “the Bank.”

Cultivators stake their cannabis to the Bank, which then sells it to licensed distributors. EMTRI provides marketing and branding services for these organizations as well. The Bank pays cultivators in EMTRI-tokens while the regulated distributors are selling their products.

Inside Look

EMTRI Corp. is a cannabis marketing and advisory agency whose distribution partners are rewarded for carrying the truth to retail and delivering safe cannabis to consumers who trust EMTRI standards and mark of approval. The EMTRI Ethereum layer-2 blockchain provides better data-driven outcomes for cannabis consumers, one gram at a time. Our cultivator and distributor membership create a stronger, more transparent relationship between the cannabis plant and the consumer. Our smartphone app technology provides an intuitive and truthful feedback loop from the point at which our cultivators conceptualize and plant their cannabis strains and follows the crop through distribution, retail, and consumption. Our app can also be anonymously used by consumers to provide blockchain-protected feedback on the consumed cannabis directly to the cultivator using a simple QR-code scan.

Provides Liquidity to EMT Token Holder Communality of Cannabis Cultivator

EMTRI Blockchain dApp: A Solution for Cannabis Cultivators

Utilizing smart contracts and reward tokens to track and verify cannabis products.

Powered by Efixii, EMTRI is a blockchain dApp (decentralized application) that was specifically designed for cannabis cultivators. The platform utilizes smart contracts and reward tokens to create a transparent and secure system for tracking and verifying the origin, quality, and authenticity of cannabis products.

By using the EMTRI dApp, cultivators can easily and accurately record important information about their crops, such as the strain, genetics, and growth conditions. This information can then be verified and tracked by consumers, ensuring that they are purchasing high-quality, authentic cannabis products. Additionally, cultivators can earn reward tokens for providing accurate and transparent information about their crops, which can be used to purchase other products or services on the platform.

All cultivators recorded data – from seed to sale – are connected to proof from their supply chain, allowing customers to explore the evidence.

Empowering Cultivators with EMTRI Reward Tokens

Supporting Cannabis Cultivators Through Reduced Costs and Increased Sales Opportunities

The EMTRI dApp tokens rewards cultivators for their hard work by providing them with a digital currency that can be used to purchase farming equipment and supplies at a discounted rate. This helps to reduce costs for cultivators, allowing them to invest more money back into their operations and improve their yield. Additionally, the tokens can be used to purchase products directly from other farmers on the platform, increasing sales and helping to build a more robust and connected agricultural community. Overall, the EMTRI dApp tokens can play a crucial role in supporting the hard work of cultivators and helping them to achieve greater success in the farming industry.

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“The team at GCAC has been leading us and educating us, and kept watching our back to make sure we deliver the best product to fit our cultivators needs. They have put a lot of investments, time and effort in to it. CEO Brad Moore is a long time veteran, he is a community lover and a team player, we had an honor to work with him and his team"
Eric Kennedy

Efixii reward tokens provide a unique way for cultivators to earn rewards for their contributions to the cannabis industry. By participating in the efixii network, cultivators can earn tokens through best practices, sustainable growing methods, and providing high-quality cannabis.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to earn rewards and be a part of the growing cannabis industry. Join the Efixii value chain today >>

How a Blockchain Increases Sales

A blockchain is immutable and cannot be changed. It ensures the integrity of your data and is transparent for all stakeholders – cultivator, manufacturer, regulator, consumer, and medical professionals.
By recording every step in the life cycle of a plant, cultivators can analyse the data to improve productivity, efficiency, and consistency. Manufacturers add valuable data to the chain. Regulators can audit the process with ease and confidence. Medical professionals can review every step for improved prescriptions.
By recording every step in the process, farmers can analyse the data to improve productivity, efficiency, and consistency. Manufacturers add valuable data to the chain. Regulators can audit the process with ease and confidence.

Stops Criminality

Powerful Know Your Customer (KYC) questions on sign-up ensures that each Efixii user involved in the process is known, including background checks against Anti-Money Laundering and Politically Exposed Persons databases.