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How to Set Up and Implement Efixii

Citizen Green Efixii is a blockchain-based medical cannabis solution that reduces costs and boosts revenues for medical cannabis cultivators.
Efixii is the only SaaS for the medical cannabis ecosystem that securely and transparently delivers data relevant to every stakeholder in the medical cannabis ecosystem.

Every action is taken – from photos, watering times, cuttings, and lighting – to record the plant lifecycle to the tamper-proof blockchain.
As a business owner, manager, or employee, you can review this information at any time.

Data in the chain of events is aggregated by AI and deep learning algorithms yielding powerful insights into the growing process and how to improve methods for increased profitability, improved consistency, and better patient outcomes.

Build more profitable cannabis cultivation, manufacture, or retail business with today’s #1 solution. Efixii is easy-to-use. Each required input corresponds to a Tile on your screen.

Here’s how it works.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

The first step in implementing Efixii is verifying the identities of all employees in your business, who are relevant to the cultivation process. Each user creates an account and is verified according to local regulations and international anti-money laundering (AML) laws.

This ensures your business has no bad actors, it protects your business and the entire value chain that is dependent on it.

Verification not only prevents fraud and criminal activities but is also the first step in creating transparency with our entire ecosystem.


Attestation is the blockchain term for recording an event and notarizing it to the blockchain. It signifies proof of a claim made by a known person in your organization about a specific action taken in the cultivation process. Attestations provide a simple, unalterable way to record a claim and can be easily verified at any later point in time.
Attestation happens every time you record an event on Efixii, click “NOTARIZE”, and confirm with your fingerprint.

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