Efixii – Step by Step [2/2]

Setting Up Your Farm

Now that your KYC is completed and validated and you understand attestation, it’s time to set up your corporate profile. Every step in this process is attested to successfully grow, test, and distribute your product.

Setting up your farm is easy. It starts by entering and notarizing each of the following:

  1. Your business Name
  2. Company Logo
  3. A Selfie
  4. Location of your business

Defining the Mother Plant, Genome/Seed and Recording Events

It is time to start recording every step of the plant lifecycle. Click on the Mother Plant tile and follow the steps.

  1. Add Mother Plant
  2. Photo Mother Plant
  3. Date Planted
  4. Genome/Seed.
  5. Record Event as text or Record Event: Photo

Setting up Your Greenhouse

To record the details of your greenhouse, click on the Greenhouse tile and perform each step.

  1. Add Greenhouse – lets you give it a name. (TIP: Typically started with GH, followed by a number, but you can choose your own naming method.)
  2. Create Grow Zone – identifies the zone. (TIP: Typically started with letter GZ, followed by a number.)
  3. Add Zone to Greenhouse
  4. Record Event: Zone for as text or Record Event: Photo.

Creating the Batch

Each step is identified by a unique tile:

  1. Create Batch
  2. Create Tray
  3. Add Mother Plant to batch ID
  4. Add Tray to Batch with corresponding data
  5. Photo Cutting-Tray
  6. Add Tray to Zone
  7. Photo Planted Zone
  8. Harvest Flowers
  9. Create Drying Oven
  10. Dry Flowers

Each step that occurs, such as fertilization, watering, etc., is easily captured with Record Event, and/or Record Event: Photo.

The Laboratory Phase

The product is now ready for testing by a certified laboratory. Follow the simple steps on your screen to complete the process.

  1. Add Laboratory – Efixii works with labs around the globe
  2. Laboratory Logo
  3. Location
  4. Send Laboratory – includes Batch ID, Lab name and sample weight
  5. Laboratory Test – create and photograph the shipping label with Batch ID
  6. Laboratory Result – Batch ID, product type, CBD, and THC % levels
  7. Photo Laboratory Result – photo with Batch ID


Finally, it’s time for the distribution of your product.

  1. Create Destination – name of receiver
  2. Destination Logo
  3. Destination Location
  4. Ship Batch – includes Batch ID, destination, and weight
  5. Dispatch Shipment – scan QR code
  6. Photo Shipping – photo with QR code ID

Efixii is intuitively designed to walk you through each step of the process. Take the guesswork out of your craft and use blockchain transparency to improve profitability, increase yield and consistency, and create better patient outcomes.

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