Efixii’s Blockchain as a Service – Your Web 3.0 Guide to Increasing Sales, Customer Retention, & Brand Building

Let’s face it; every business owner wants to build their brand and increase sales. The most modern and effective way to do so? Implementing an enterprise-level Blockchain platform that leverages proven Internet of Things (IoT) technology. While this may sound daunting, it’s easier than you think, thanks to the best in Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), available from leading innovator Effixii Incorporated.

Why should you use BaaS?

It is difficult for small and medium agricultural producers to compete with corporations with far greater reach, marketing budgets, and more robust margins. Furthermore, global supply chains are in bad shape. The World Bank estimates that the developing world loses $400 billion annually due to things like spoilage, theft, delayed payments, and other factors. Efixii wants to change this by providing an affordable BaaS solution for farmers.

Why Efixii?

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Blockchain-powered Efixii is the only system to provide consumer data feedback per product to the grower, building stronger, longer-lasting relationships with the entire value chain.

“As shown in its patent, this is currently the only use case in the world where blockchain protocols facilitate better cultivator-consumer interactions through increased transparency.”

Efixii’s mobile app for field workers allows a foolproof recording of the entire growing and production process. It keeps a chain of custody of all the logistical stages throughout the supply chain, which complies with the strictest regulations in tomorrow’s global arena, and allows tracking of the product through the entire life cycle from farm to table.

In 2020 GCAC launched a decentralized app, Efixii, on its own Layer 2 Ethereum blockchain to deal with trust issues between cannabis cultivators and consumers regarding product quality. Having created its first Ethereum blockchain in 2018, a short three years after the launch of the Ethereum mainnet, GCAC has always been a leader in the application of non-crypto blockchain usage.  As shown in its patent, the Efixii blockchain is the only use case in the world where blockchain protocols facilitate better cultivator-consumer interactions through increased transparency.

How do BaaS benefit your business?

Let’s face a fact; without a producer to make products and a consumer to use them, no one else, i.e. distributors, supply chain logistics, and even retailers, would have a job. As such, producers & consumers use the Efixii blockchain through Efixii dApps to have direct, truthful communication about products. This transparency creates a long-lasting relationship between both parties based on the ability to share on an immutable ledger. The process also cuts down on time when problems arise because middlemen don’t impede connectivity. With all blockchain transactions available to see via an Efixii QR code, other customers and, yes, those middlemen will benefit from understanding what is working and why.

What benefits can I expect?

Increase trust and build an indirect channel between your brand and consumers with best-in-class data. Improve controls in the value chain from grower to consumer. Build strong relationships with your consumers.

How does it work?

Efixii QR code on a cannabis product

KYC’d businesses attest product information to the Efixii blockchain thru the Efixii dApps: Efixii Grower for cultivators, clearESG for corporate ESG reporting. Consumers scan a QR code with their smartphone camera, and if they want to provide a product review, they easily download the Efixii consumer dApp from either Apple or Android app stores.

QR codes on each product represented an honest conversation started by a grower, cultivator, or product producer and joined by a consumer. It is the ultimate in proof-based marketing.

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