Why Sharing ESG Helps Cannabis Companies: Q&A with Brad Moore

Why Sustainability Matters
GCAC believes effective Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies will encourage sustainable growth in the cannabis industry.
CEO Brad Moore talks about how a soon-to-be-released ESG component of their blockchain-powered Efixii Software-as-a-Service has vital benefits for cannabis cultivators and processors/manufacturers in the communities they operate. The cannabis industry can finally measure and share its efforts to achieve U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

Q: What’s behind the company’s investment in enhancing Efixii for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosures?

A: I’m a firm believer that cultivators, large and small, share the many great things they are already doing with regard to sustainability with their customers, community, and investors. Our Efixii cannabis platform enables a company and brand to get that message out using a secure blockchain platform that creates value. For those that have not started their sustainability journey, here is a product and service that quickly and inexpensively launches them into a new world of ESG.

Q: What’s in it for cultivators?

A: Efixii’s ESG-disclosures enhance communication between cultivators and consumers. It allows them to showcase how they strive to align with the United Nations 2016 Sustainability standards and prevent “greenwashing”. Transparency throughout the supply chain for consumers is what builds trust, and what brand loyalty is all about.

Q: That’s cool, but what’s in it for consumers?

A: Some consumers will ‘get it, while others may not; however, our research shows that many consumers align themselves with cannabis brands that embrace sustainable and regenerative agriculture, especially when embedded in our QR codes.

Q: What’s your vision for ESG going forward?

A: I hope Efixii inspires cultivators worldwide to realize that it is possible to offer high-quality organic and natural products that embrace practices intended to make our farming systems more just, sustainable, and equitable.

Q: I suppose even small ESG disclosures can make a difference, right?

A: If just one disclosure helps positively impact the health and well-being of our communities and the planet, then that’s a win for all of us. Baby steps can have a big impact.

Q: As an investor, how does Efixii’s ESG service make a difference?

A: Look, by combining high efficiency with humanity, everyone wins. Our software licensees are with the cultivators, and when they can adopt and adhere to best practices, their cannabis is better, margins improve, and customer loyalty increases. This leads to more cannabis moving through Efixii and our Health Canada sales channel. As importantly, it drives GCAC revenues, our repeat retail business increases, and our incredible investors benefit from Efixii investments that grow our top-line.

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