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clearESG helps brands publish their sustainability claims in a way that educates the consumer and makes sustainability communications your strategic advantage.

CBD and the benefits is still a relatively new product category for most consumers. Just like an ingredient list, we look to help brands give the information needed to help the consumer align with their values.

There is a rapidly growing segment of eco-friendly consumers who are looking for sustainable products.
A recent Harris Poll shows 82% of Consumers Want a Brand’s Values to Align with Their Own.  A majority (52%)
of consumers said they are especially interested in supporting sustainable brands, with 66% seeking out eco-friendly companies and 55% saying they would pay more for more sustainable products.

Yet, 88% percent of consumers don’t immediately trust brands that say they’re sustainable and half (51 percent) believe “greenwashing” is common.

clearESG delivers content that shoppers can trust.

  • Build trust with third-party verified docs
  • Make sustainability part of your brand messaging
  • Optimize search engine engagement with verified sustainability claims
  • Share information on supply chain sourcing such as organic, and recycled packaging, and its impact on the community

As a result of scientific advancements in beef cattle genetics, nutrition, production practices, and biotechnologies, the U.S. is a global leader in beef production efficiency. In fact, the U.S. produces 18% of the world’s beef with only 6% of the world’s cattle.

Case Study: Potency No' 710

Potency No' 710 – The Gold Serum Botanical Face Oil

This full-spectrum CBD serum is uniquely blended together with oils like blue tansy, frankincense, sandalwood, and rose oil to name drop a few.  CBD and CBG-infused supplements help slow the aging process.

The clearESG difference was added to help Potency 710 tell its sustainability story and impact.  Showing up on websites and packaging in the form of a QR code, allowed the company to share more proof-based information that was buried on the website. 

  • Organic sourced bio-mass
  • Contributes time and resources to numerous non-profits that are women and physicians orientated
  • Lab tested

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“Through clearESG’s attestation process on the blockchain, we’re making easy-to-understand sustainability claims, supported by easily-accessible data, to empower our customers to make purchases that truly match their values.”
Mandy Lile
Potency No' 710 Founder

Getting started with your brand sustainability journey costs $200/mth USD. In a recent survey, 44% percent of consumers said the top reason they ultimately buy sustainable products is for their environmental impact. Gen Z and millennials said, 32% choose retailers that carry sustainable products and 20% choose retailers devoted to sustainability. Are you ready?

How a Blockchain Increases Sales

A blockchain is immutable and cannot be changed. It ensures the integrity of your data and is transparent for all stakeholders – cultivator, manufacturer, regulator, consumer, and medical professionals.
By recording every step in the process, farmers can analyse the data to improve productivity, efficiency, and consistency. Manufacturers add valuable data to the chain. Regulators can audit the process with ease and confidence.

No Greenwashing

Powerful Know Your Customer (KYC) questions on sign-up ensures that each Efixii user involved in the process is known, including background checks against Anti-Money Laundering and Politically Exposed Persons databases.