Introductory Pioneering Veterans' Uplift Offer!

Embrace the future of CBD marketing and sales, tailored specifically for brands dedicated to uplifting the lives of veterans. Our groundbreaking Uplift Web 3.0 app and exclusive NFT coupons offer an unparalleled edge, merging innovation with heartfelt outreach through the Citizen Green Project program. With our 90-day introductory, commission-based program this is your chance to stand out:

Create Your Truthful Product Story:

  • By putting your product story on the Efixii Blockchain, consumers can simply scan a QR code and see the value of your CBD brand.
  • Your unique story will be featured on a dedicated webpage and is eternally yours, regardless of our future collaborations.

Uplift NFT Coupons:

  • Benefit from a reduced 20% commission on retailer-redeemed coupons and 25% for online CBD store coupons. A new-age approach for 90 days!

Zero Hidden Fees:

  • Enjoy the first 25 Product QR codes at no cost.
  • No monthly system access fee (save $50/month)

Maximized Outreach:

  • Two free brand coupons to kickstart your campaign
  • Connect with veterans and their wide networks using 15 complimentary push notifications.

Masterclass in Web 3.0 Outreach:

  • Experience 5 hours of comprehensive training centered on the Uplift Web 3.0 app. Learn to navigate, utilize NFT coupons effectively, and strategize for maximum veteran outreach.

Exclusive Brand Business Perks:

  • Complimentary Post-Traumatic Growth Courses for your veteran employees.
  • Automatic enrollment in the Citizen Green Business Rewards.

Joining the Uplift Movement:

  • Engage with a 3-month Uplift App License Agreement.
  • If you are happy transition smoothly into an additional 12-month contract with just a $50/month service commitment.
  • Uplift coupons redeemable on most e-commerce sites (Shopify, WooCommerce) and work with POS systems at retail locations.

Important Touchpoints:

  • Ensure timely provision of essential brand details and graphics to maximize benefits.
  • Adhere to the comprehensive terms of the original License Agreement, ensuring transparent operations.
  • The use of clearESG tiles is not included in this offer.


Join us in making a lasting impact in the lives of our veterans while simultaneously leveraging the power of modern technology for your brand. 

Elevate your brand's journey with us!

With 90 days of strategic engagement, be at the forefront of change and community support.