The Mobile App That Seamlessly Links Medical Cannabis Cultivators, Regulators, Sellers, and Consumers.

Optimize Grow Cycle, Reduce Compliance Costs, and Improve the Consumer Experience.

The Mobile App That Links Medical Cannabis Cultivators, Regulators, Sellers, & Consumers

Optimize Grow Cycle
Reduce Compliance Costs
Improve the Consumer Experience


When thousands of personalized journeys are layered together and analyzed, we, as cultivators, can minimize and virtually eliminate variations in how our products are grown. As a result, we can accurately recommend the correct dosing requirements for product to ailment treatment. This consistency of product and results ensures greater trust among all stakeholders in the value chain, leading to increased sales and lower production and compliance costs.

Bendov Carmeli

CEO, Herb Industries

As a manufacturer, I get raw product from cultivators that comply with current regulations. But it’s hard to tell the exact processes and sources that generated that data because in many cases it is challenging to record it properly. This means that I need to go through extra steps to make sure the data is real and that I’m not basing my products on fake data. With a tool like Efixii - I can clearly see the source and the entire growing process and can be reassured that the products are safe and consistent. But more importantly, Efixii provides the ability to retrieve patient efficacy feedback on a per gram basis. This means that I will be able to learn which batch with which process provided the best patient outcome.

Nadav Segal

CEO, Bless Technologies

Why Efixii

More Profitable Grows

Increase profitability by identifying and reducing waste product during the harvesting process, streamlining grow cycles, and discovering popular strains.

Reduce Cultivation Costs

Simplify compliance with secure documentation and notarization of every step in the cultivation, manufacturing, and shipping process.

Securely Track Manufacturing Processes

Learn how manufacturing processes impact a particular strain. From edibles and tinctures to flower and terpenes, data insights help deliver better products to your consumers.

How a Blockchain Increases Sales

A blockchain is immutable and cannot be changed. It ensures the integrity of your data and is transparent for all stakeholders – cultivator, manufacturer, regulator, consumer, and medical professionals.
By recording every step in the life cycle of a plant, cultivators can analyse the data to improve productivity, efficiency, and consistency. Manufacturers add valuable data to the chain. Regulators can audit the process with ease and confidence. Medical professionals can review every step for improved prescriptions.

Stops Criminality

Powerful Know Your Customer (KYC) questions on sign-up ensures that each Efixii user involved in the process is known, including background checks against Anti-Money Laundering and Politically Exposed Persons databases.