Citizen Green for Cultivators

Value proposition

  • Reward Token

    Cultivators have the opportunity to generate additional income by enrolling in a reward token initiative that not only finances their coupon program but also provides incentives for their participation

  • Coupons Program

    Enroll in a cost-effective coupon program that can enhance your sales and attract a higher volume of shoppers to your products

  • No Middleman

    By utilizing our exclusive coupon programs, you can eliminate clearinghouse fees and receive prompt payment within minutes.

  • Customer Loyalty

    Maximize your sales potential by leveraging the purchasing power of veteran groups through incentivized shopping experiences to promote your products

  • Customer Growth

    The Citizen Green coupon program provides veterans with the chance to extend their benefits to their family members, as well as to invite potential customers to partake in the program. This initiative also promotes the exposure of your brand by enabling the sale of non-discounted products

  • Consumer Feedback

    Citizen Green incentivizes customers to provide feedback, thereby creating an ongoing focus group that cultivators can leverage to develop premium and consistent products that are likely to generate repeat purchases

Efixii Elements

Efixii can be used to track the movement of goods and services from the point of origin to the point of consumption. Blockchain technology can help to create a more efficient and transparent value chain, where the intersection of supply and consumer demand can be effectively managed.

Efixii reward tokens offer a revolutionary way to incentivize and reward users for their engagement and participation in a platform or ecosystem. These tokens are digital assets that can be earned and exchanged for various benefits.

Experience the revolutionary power of Efixii with NFT coupons – a secure, digital alternative to traditional coupons that offers unparalleled transparency and traceability, enabling businesses to effectively track and redeem their promotions while providing customers with a unique and valuable collectible item.

Efixii marketplace integration is a solution that utilizes blockchain technology to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers. These marketplaces use smart contracts to automate the buying and selling process, making it more efficient and secure.

Efixii blockchain customization solution can be tailored to a customer’s specific workflow by utilizing smart contracts and decentralized application development.

clearESG platform provides a solution for brands to verify their sustainability claims and better communicate them with consumers. By using a decentralized, transparent platform, companies can easily provide evidence of their sustainable practices, such as fair trade certifications, carbon offsetting, and recycling initiatives.

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