Citizen Green for US Veterans

It’s our turn to give back to those who served

Join the ranks of hundreds of other US veterans who have already become part of the Citizen Green community, and stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow veterans who share similar experiences and interests.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity! Register today and unlock a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Discounted Premium Cannabis

    We believe every veteran deserves access to the healing power of medical cannabis, Citizen Green veterans not only benefit from using Cannabis in their life journey but also have the opportunity to shape the future cannabis experiences of other veterans by anonymously sharing their product journey

  • Free Coaching for PTG

    Registered veterans are eligible to receive complimentary online coaching for post-traumatic growth from the Special Forces Experience

  • Year Around Coupons

    Receive exclusive coupons for products directly on your mobile device. Obtain additional coupons by providing anonymous feedback to assist fellow veterans

  • User Friendly

    Redeeming coupons is made effortless through the utilization of a QR code scanning process. Additionally, the option to extend the invitation to family members and veteran acquaintances is available, allowing for the sharing of exclusive coupons with them