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How do retailers help customers shop for more sustainably impacted brands?

Cannabis and CBD Retailers are selling products that can be overwhelming to the shopper.  Unfamiliar terms, potency and safety concerns, and unknown vendors all lead to a consumer being resistant to putting things in their bodies they do not know.  

Brands and companies that choose to share more information on their products and company story are going to gain the most trust by being fully transparent.  As the supply chain becomes more transparent, retailers have a golden opportunity to create new category shelf space that allows the consumer to “Shop their Values”.


Help Your Customer Shop Their Values

There are a few ways that retailers can help customers shop their sustainability values:

  1. Providing validated ESG related information: Retailers can provide information about the environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts of different products and how they were made and by whom.
  2. Offering a range of sustainable options: Retailers can offer a range of sustainable products, such as products made from recycled materials or products that are from women or minority owned businesses or are involved with certain non-profit causes in the community.
  3. Highlighting sustainable products: Retailers can highlight sustainable products within their store or online, such as by featuring them prominently or using special signage.
  4. Partnering with sustainable brands: Retailers can partner with brands that are known for their sustainability practices, such as using recycled materials or eco-friendly manufacturing processes.
  5. Offering incentives for sustainable purchases: Retailers can offer incentives, such as discounts, rewards, or loyalty programs, for customers who choose sustainable products.

Overall, the key is to make it easy for customers to find and choose sustainable products, and to provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions that reflect their values.

Where is the evidence to support the claim?

Blockchain is a Cost-effective way to Share Sustainability Impact

Blockchain is an effective and low-cost way for brands to share their impact:

  1. Certifications: Brands can use the blockchain to verify and track certifications related to sustainability, such as Fair Trade or organic certifications.
  2. Product traceability: Brands can use the blockchain to track the life cycle of their products, from raw materials to end-of-life disposal.
  3. Supply chain transparency: Brands can use the blockchain to create a transparent supply chain, allowing customers to see where their products come from and how they were made. This can help brands demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by showing that they are using sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.

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“Through clearESG’s attestation process on the blockchain, we’re making easy-to-understand sustainability claims, supported by easily-accessible data, to empower our customers to make purchases that truly match their values.” 

Getting started with your brand sustainability journey costs $200/mth USD. In a recent survey, 44% percent of consumers said the top reason they ultimately buy sustainable products is for their environmental impact. Gen Z and millennials said, 32% choose retailers that carry sustainable products and 20% choose retailers devoted to sustainability. Are you ready?

How a Blockchain Increases Sales

A blockchain is immutable and cannot be changed. It ensures the integrity of your data and is transparent for all stakeholders – cultivator, manufacturer, regulator, consumer, and medical professionals.
By recording every step in the process, farmers can analyse the data to improve productivity, efficiency, and consistency. Manufacturers add valuable data to the chain. Regulators can audit the process with ease and confidence.

No Greenwashing

Powerful Know Your Customer (KYC) questions on sign-up ensures that each Efixii user involved in the process is known, including background checks against Anti-Money Laundering and Politically Exposed Persons databases.