Growing a new future with Hemp is your Business – Unlocking those Inner Sustainability Benefits is ours

  • Stigma and differences between hemp and marijuana
  • Potential uses including as food, fiber, and building materials
  • Legal restrictions as a regulated crop
  • Limited distribution channels

Overall, lack of education about this emerging plant-derived business.

GCAC’s suite of solutions provide these benefits:

  1. Supply chain transparency: Blockchain can be used to create a transparent, traceable supply chain for industrial hemp products. This can help consumers understand where their products come from and how they were grown, processed, and transported.
  1. Verification of product claims: Blockchain can be used to verify product claims, such as the percentage of CBD in a hemp extract or the sustainability of the farming practices used to grow the hemp. This can help consumers make informed decisions about the products they purchase and give them confidence in the claims made by hemp farmers.
  1. Certification of organic and sustainable products: Blockchain can be used to certify that hemp products were grown organically or sustainably, which can be attractive to consumers who are interested in purchasing environmentally friendly products.
  1. Creation of a decentralized marketplace: Blockchain can be used to create a decentralized marketplace for hemp products, which can give farmers more control over the sale and distribution of their products and allow them to communicate directly with consumers.
  1. Increased efficiency and reduced costs: By automating certain processes and reducing the need for intermediaries, blockchain can help hemp farmers reduce costs and increase efficiency, which can make their products more competitive in the market.

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"GCAC was a perfect fit, not just for industrial hemp, this is the way all of our food we grow should be tracked and traced and should be transparent, making it easy for farmers to follow every step of the grow, from the minute the seed goes in, to the quality of seeds, the bio-genetics, and all the way through"
Marla Rivera
Grant Administrator and Economic Development at BioSunn

Getting started with your brand sustainability journey costs $200/mth USD. In a recent survey, 44% percent of consumers said the top reason they ultimately buy sustainable products is for their environmental impact. Gen Z and millennials said, 32% choose retailers that carry sustainable products and 20% choose retailers devoted to sustainability.  

The future is bright for industrial hemp. Are you ready?

How a Blockchain Increases Sales

A blockchain is immutable and cannot be changed. It ensures the integrity of your data and is transparent for all stakeholders – cultivator, manufacturer, regulator, consumer, and medical professionals.
By recording every step in the process, farmers can analyse the data to improve productivity, efficiency, and consistency. Manufacturers add valuable data to the chain. Regulators can audit the process with ease and confidence.

No Greenwashing

Powerful Know Your Customer (KYC) questions on sign-up ensures that each Efixii user involved in the process is known, including background checks against Anti-Money Laundering and Politically Exposed Persons databases.